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Join the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Pittsburgh!

Once you are inducted as an undergraduate, you are a member of The Phi Beta Kappa Society for life. If you are a Phi Beta Kappa graduate and live in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area, then you are a member of the Pittsburgh Association! Please be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get the most recent updates.  

You can become a contributing member of the association for $30 per year. Included in this membership are discounted and complimentary tickets for our events and a donation to a fund that will help pay induction fees for Phi Beta Kappa students at local universities. 


We are also seeking members who would be interested in leadership positions within the Pittsburgh Association to help shape our future direction. We’d love to have you on board as we continue to grow and expand!

Please leave your full name in the "notes" of your donation, or email us at upon making a donation.

Donate $30/year to qualify as a dues-paying member.

Choose your own donation amount. We're thankful for any support!

March 2018 Enigma Event at CMU

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